Elmwood Juniors and Hill Samuel Life Assurance

Would love to hear from anyone that went to Elmwood Juniors from 1964 to 1968I also worked at Hill Samuel Life Assurance on the 20th floor from 1976 to 1979. I remember Roy Coker, Grant, Carolyn and Grace.

Linda Maslin

  • Sue Watson

    Hello Linda

    I just stumbled across this site whilst browsing. I was at school with your sister Susan. We were in the same class at school. I remember your family – lived on Princess road near Maria Gilliam ,Mark Stoneham, John King
    I was Susan Ell then …….been moved away for many years, I live up North now and have done for the past 25 years. Susan contacted me some years ago through Friends Reunited.

    Hope you’re all well.

    Love Sue.

  • Philip George Harfleet

    I was at Elmwood School when Mr. Thatcher was Headmaster. He is the only name I can remember. Started there in 1940 until 1946 and then, having failed 11-plus, went to Lanfranc secondary modern. One fine day I hope to re-visit Elmwood and see what it looks like today.

    • Gordon Brackstone

      Mr Lloyd, Ms Windess, Mr Brown, Mr Ryman were teachers under Mr Thatcher at Elmwood (Boys) when I was there 1951-55.