Seeking information about Geoffrey Douglas Moir

I’m seeking information about Geoffrey Douglas Moir, who taught English at Woodside, then Ashburton, School until his retirement in 1981. He sadly passed away in July 2006. During WWII, he served in the RAF, as a bomb aimer, with 97 sqn. He was also a very highly respected authority on the Falkland Islands, having spent a period teaching at Fox Bay West. This request is on behalf of one of Geoff’s former RAF crewmates, who will be 90 in September, and would dearly love to learn what became of the rest of the crew. If you have any information, or knew Geoff or his family, or indeed you may be one his former pupils, please do get in touch with me. Many thanks in advance.
Dave Donaghy
  • Joyce Moir

    I am also researching this Geoffrey Douglas Moir – he is a family member. Can you please get in touch again and we can compare notes.
    Joyce Moir

    • Brian Worth

      I lived in Stuart Crescent, Shirley and attended Ashburton Sec Mod School for Boys between 1964-68 when I was asked to leave.. Geoff Moir was a larger than life sort of guy, despite the fact he was rather short . I had the luck to have Geoff as my form master in my fourth year, what a great teacher he was, lessons were never boring, great stories from his war time exploits, and his travels after all, meeting people and making friends. On a school visit to Regent Park Zoo Geoff said ” I know the Head Keeper of the reptile house and we shall be able to handle the snakes ” we all thought ” of course you do Geoff ” next thing you know, we are back stage with the snakes round our necks and Geoff’s old mate, the Head Keeper. I seem to remember on Summer holidays, Geoff would take a group of boys on holiday to Ireland and they would spend a couple of weeks touring in an old horse drawn Romany caravan.
      Geoff always commanded respect, a voice like a fog horn, but a very fair man, an honest man. He was always Mr Moir to 1st,2nd and 3rd years, then became Geoff to 4th and above, he then called you by your Christian name, no other masters did, always surname. I have good memories of Geoff, a great teacher and a proper Englishman, not so good memories of our Headmaster, a cane happy George Manning BA .

    • mark whyman

      hi joyce I used to class Geoff as a uncle and even now after all this time I look up stuff about him and it still affects me he was a amazing gentleman and I would actually say I classed him as family and friend he was definite a unusual person and amazing like I constantly hear how he spoke about his memoirs of the war.. weird thing I never did hear much about war only times I did was when at Falkland exhibition in Fairfield halls when a couple ushers who knew Geoff would tell me what a amazing man he was… my main memoiries was his talks about falklands… his booming voice infact I still remember his answerphone all this time on and telephone when I don’t even normally remember mine… and I remember the long walks he used to take on sundays if he was home… and his diarys omg the diarys was endless lol… I remember he took me hadrians wall when I was about 11 it was one of my 2 best holidays ever and I am now near 40 so I had a few lol

      if you would like to get in touch and find out anything my email is

      and thanks it nice to talk about him and his memory

  • Peter Watts

    I attended Ashburton Secondary Modern from 1955-60 and well remember Mr Moir as our Religious instruction master. We always looked forward to his period as after about ten minutes of Bible studies he used to break off and describe his exploits during WW2. Always a popular master who lived near the Black Horse pub in ,I think, Sundridge Road in Lower Addiscombe.
    From Peter Watts/Brisbane, Australia.

  • Iain

    Born in Mayday Hospital, grew up on Denmark Road, South Norwood and spent my youth hanging around the Whitgift Centre in the 70’s. Gues that makes me a Croydonian. Best memory – the smell of fresh coffee in Grants and the pet dept in Kennards.

  • Rik Fennell

    Geoff Moir used to teach English when I was a pupil at Ashburton from 1969 -74. I remember him as being one of the best teachers and someone who had a lot of respect. I remember him reading to the class with panache and he always got your attention.

  • Anthony , [Tony] Smith

    Coming from the Glade, near Elmers End Bridge, the walk to school was only 10-15 minutes. With a play area surrounding the Addiscombe area.
    I was at Ashburton Secondary Modern School from 1962-68, and Mr Moir was very much a disciplinarian, as he used the slipper on us a number of times, for bad homework or refusing to do it. He was only about 5ft 7 inches, but his position as a teacher was always given the respect by the pupils. He had a Jimmy Edwards Moustache as well. He didn’t live far from Shirley Road, where our school was, he only came from Kingcote Road, No. 54 I believe, maybe someone there may know more. He was regimental and he persuaded boys to join the ATC, and in the way he was, that the regiment was within him. plus he was into horticulture, I believe his plot was in Glendale Avenue, seeing him with his wheel barrow,
    I know he was personally affected by the mixing of boys and girls as it contributed to him leaving. Ashburton really was as high as you could get to a Trinity or even Whitgift, simply because of staff of the calibre of Geoff Moir, and the infamous George Manning. The staff was like a who’s who, with Nick Neech holding up the rear, pardon the expression. He would cane the odd individual during detention. All in all Geoff Moir was committed to the role of giving the boys the best advice and best instruction for a better future it was hoped.

  • James Marsh

    Hello there. Geoff was as former teacher of mine in the Falklands in the mid 1980s and attended my wedding back here in the UK in 2004. I’m afraid he passed away a few years after that in 2006. We were in regular contact until the end, he was a man of drive and integrity. If his crewmate is still alive I would be more than happy to contact him to talk about Geoff. My names is James Marsh, my email address is